SGNIO- Making Its Debut!
2021-09-17 17:42

Hanglok recently convened the 2021 "Big Intervention" strategic innovation exchange meeting, coinciding with the Hanglok Technology SGNIO product launch.

This event garnered significant interest from both domestic and international interventional medicine experts, scholars specializing in medical devices, and notable business figures. Serving as a platform for knowledge exchange, this conference facilitated discussions on the forefront of advancements in interventional medicine and surgical robotics.

Simultaneously, Hanglok unveiled its latest achievement: an interventional surgical robot - SGNIO, with multi-loop feedback puncture interventional

surgical control system. This announcement was complemented by the commencement of the first simulation experiment at Hengqin Hospital of Zhuhai People's Hospital, signifying a momentous leap forward in the field.