University of Macau and Hanglok Forge Strategic Cooperation Intention
2021-05-12 17:56

President Li Xingwei, Vice President Tang Jiale, Vice President Pang Chuan, Vice President Kuang Yinghua, and Vice President Su Yuzhou of the Macao University of Science and Technology (USTT) paid a visit to Zhuhai People's Hospital Hengqin Hospital and Hanglok on the morning of May 10, 2021. They were warmly received by Wang Cheng, President of Zhuhai People's Hospital Medical Group, Chief Technology Officer of Hengle Technology, and Li Xinhua, Chief Operating Officer. The discussions centered around fostering in-depth cooperation between the two entities.

The medical group from Zhuhai People's Hospital and representatives from Macao University of Science and Technology engaged in a fruitful discussion and exchange

Zhuhai People's Hospital Medical Group, affiliated with the First Affiliated Hospital of Macao University of Science and Technology School of Medicine, stands as a prominent Class III general hospital and urban medical consortium, seamlessly integrating medical services, scientific endeavors, educational initiatives, and research pursuits. In alignment with the objective of fostering medical and health collaboration within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, both entities are committed to facilitating the sharing, joint establishment, and cohesive development of high-quality medical and health resources in the Zhuhai-Macao region.

As a pivotal step towards this goal, the two parties have designated Hengqin Hospital as a pilot site for initiating comprehensive collaboration in medical integration. This initiative encompasses the establishment of a collaborative platform for the joint training of top-tier professionals and the conduct of cutting-edge scientific research. Such concerted efforts aim to fortify academic and medical exchanges between Zhuhai and Macao, thereby effectively addressing the escalating demands for superior medical and health services within the community.

President Li Xingwei (front row, seventh from the left) and President Lu Ligong (front row, seventh from the right) and etc. took a group photo

Hanglok, the champion of the Biomedicine category in the Second China Hengqin Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition, is a pioneering technology firm specializing in interventional surgical robots. This partnership leverages the formidable research capabilities of the University of Macau's School of Information Technology and the Macao Institute of Systems Engineering. Together, they will embark on collaborative research and development endeavors aimed at advancing the localization of interventional radiotherapy surgical robots.

Through innovative original technology, the joint efforts will focus on the research and development of cutting-edge interventional radiotherapy surgery robot systems. Additionally, the partnership will facilitate the cultivation of skilled professionals and technical talents through collaborative training initiatives. Furthermore, there will be a proactive drive to facilitate the transfer, transformation, and clinical application of pertinent research findings within the Greater Bay Area.

A delegation from the University of Macau visited Hanglok

Also present at the reception were Peng Yongjun, Vice President of Zhuhai People's Hospital Medical Group;  Xin Yongjie, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Hengqin Hospital;  Yin Zhinan, Academic Director;  Zhao Wei, Project Director;  Miao Zhuohui, Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office;  Liu Yu, Director of the Education and Training Department;  Feng Jinkang, Executive President of Hengqin Hospital;  Li Xiaodong, Vice President of Hengqin Hospital; Wang Zhihong, Director of the Hengqin Hospital Office.  Additionally, attendees included Hengle Technology's Product Director Chen Peng, Product Director Li Yan, and Algorithm Director Zhu Jianjun.  Also attending the visit were Wu Naiqi, Director of the Macao Institute of Systems Engineering;  Tsang Chih-hui, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine;  Cai Zhanchuan, Assistant Dean of the School of Information Technology;  Zhang Junhong, Director of Industrial, Academic, and Research Development of the President's Office;  and Yu Jiali, Project Manager of Industrial, Academic, and Research of the President's Office.