Lishui Central Hospital Innovates Oncology Care with SGNIO
2024-05-06 11:21

The Lishui Central Hospital Tumor Center, also recognized as the Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Center, stands as a pioneering institution in China, offering a comprehensive range of specialized services merging targeted immunotherapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment approaches, blending both Western and Chinese medicinal practices. The department, housing a total of 17 esteemed doctors, features 2 master's supervisors, 3 doctoral degree holders, 5 senior professionals, and 9 master's degree recipients. Functioning as a unit under strict leadership, the team diligently adheres to standardized clinical protocols, propelled by their extensive patient base and exceptional departmental expertise.

Following the commencement of experimental procedures of SGNIO, physicians at Lishui Central Hospital have contributed invaluable insights into the interactive user experience, aiding the engineering team in refining specific functionalities. Key enhancements include optimizing the drag function within 3D image path planning, enhancing puncture depth prediction and judgment during planning phases, and incorporating ultrasound probe exploration range display within the planning interface. This deep collaboration fosters effective communication among medical professionals, addressing intricate interaction requirements and alleviating operational challenges. Moreover, it establishes a solid groundwork for future trials across diverse clinical centers.