SGNIO Revolutionizes Interventional Care at Zhuhai People's Hospital
2024-05-06 14:03

Established in 2016, the Zhuhai People's Hospital Interventional Diagnosis and Treatment Center stands as the premier facility for liver cancer treatment, boasting four major intervention medical diagnosis and treatment modules and a focus on multidisciplinary, personalized care. It currently holds the distinction of being the largest intervention diagnosis and treatment center in Guangdong Province. The center's commitment to excellence is underscored by its investment in state-of-the-art hardware facilities, rivaling those of top-tier institutions nationwide, and its ability to perform high-level surgeries, placing it among China's elite medical centers.

Collaborating closely with Hanglok, Zhuhai People's Hospital has spearheaded numerous research endeavors to support product development and conduct groundbreaking experiments, epitomizing exceptional teamwork. Leveraging the expertise of the Interventional Medicine Department, Hanglok has advanced from the research and development phase of SGNIO to clinical trials, systematically progressing through animal studies, membrane investigations, and ongoing clinical trials. Each stage of experimentation has provided valuable insights into potential technical enhancements, ultimately refining product functionality.

Through collaborative efforts, doctors and clinical technical support staff have cultivated a seamless working relationship, deepening their understanding of robot processes and operational procedures. Looking ahead, both parties aim to further expand their procedural capabilities, driving innovation and excellence in medical intervention.