SGNIO Surgeries Succeed at Southeast Univ. Hospital
2024-05-06 14:19

From October, 2023, to December, 2023, the Affiliated Hospital of Southeast University saw the successful completion of SGNIO puncture intervention surgeries.

Known for its expertise in liver puncture procedures, Southeast University Affiliated Hospital boasts one of the highest rates in China. The hospital's proficiency in precise puncture surgery, including puncture radiation, biopsy drainage, ablation intervention, and vascular surgery, is attributed to its high surgical volume and the multitasking abilities of its medical staff. Annually, over 6000 procedures are performed, with approximately 1500 involving liver interventions. The hospital's Department of Interventional Medicine is staffed by twenty-six physicians, including six chief physicians and seven deputy chief physicians, who not only conduct surgeries but also handle emergency care, academic work, conferences, and teaching.

During this period, an interview was conducted with physicians involved in the SGNIO project. Dr. Pan, an attending doctor, affirmed the technology and precision of SGNIO, evaluating its effects from various perspectives and participating in five randomized trials. "SGNIO can reduce patient CT radiation, minimize the need for needle adjustments, and enhance the accuracy of puncture surgery," stated Dr. Pan. The trial physicians provided insightful feedback, noting potential benefits for young interventional physicians, such as a shortened training term. Throughout the clinical procedures, the Hanglok team maintained close communication with the physicians, engaging in thoughtful debates and offering creative solutions. These interactions will inform the development of the next generation of Hanglok products, prepared to tackle even more challenging medical scenarios.