Hanglok 's SGNIO System: Leading Medical Surgical Innovation, Tops 2024 Innovation Ranking
2024-06-04 15:26

On May 8 th 2024, at the 'China Medical Device Innovation Summit Forum and 2024 China Medical Device Innovation Ranking Release & Product Appreciation Conference'(中国医疗器械创新之路高峰论坛暨中国医疗器械 2024 探星创新榜发布与产品品鉴)hosted by Proxima Ventures in Beijing, Mr. Yi SUN, CEO of Hanglok, showcased the Hanglok 'Multi-Loop Feedback Puncture Interventional Surgical Control System (SGNIO)'. His presentation garnered high praise from attending judges and industry experts alike.

About SGNIO of Hanglok

Hanglok's SGNIO system integrates multi-sensory information such as force, position, CT, ultrasound, optical, and voice, to establish a novel percutaneous surgery mechanism.Aimed at reducing the complexity of lesion puncture surgeries, it rapidly elevates puncture proficiency while effectively reducing patient radiation exposure, enhancingsurgical efficiency, and safety. Building upon the foundation of optical-CT puncture systems, this system innovatively incorporates force perception and real-time ultrasound imaging. It enables real-time observation of the puncture needle's trajectory, thereby promptly mitigating surgical risks. This application of technology empowers physicians to transition from traditional paper-based navigation of positional planning to real-time perception of dynamic, intelligent high-definition maps. When facing dangerous and complex lesions, physicians can confidently and accurately conduct surgeries.

Human-Machine Fusion Enhances Surgical Precision

The SGNIO system offers physicians various intraoperative intervention methods, including screen manipulation to adjust puncture paths, knob fine-tuning of trajectories, and screen-controlled smooth dragging of the robotic arm's end. This versatility empowers surgeons to adeptly address various scenarios that may arise during surgery.

Human-like Scanning, Simulating Ultrasound Physician Operations
Additionally, the SGNIO system simulates the operating methods of ultrasound physicians, enabling the robotic arm to approach the patient's body surface according to the physician's planned position. It also incorporates groundbreaking force perception technology, intelligently controlling the probe's pressure to fit snugly against the patient's body surface, achieving human-like ultrasound scanning.

High Praise from Industry Experts
In the panel discussions at the forum, several medical robotics experts and experienced healthcare investors lauded Hanglok for its adeptness in leveraging innovative and leading-edge technologies to address critical clinical challenges and optimize physicians' operational workflows. They expressed strong confidence in the market potential of Hanglok 's SGNIO surgical control system and underscored the pivotal role that surgical robots will play in augmenting physicians' surgical proficiency in the future of healthcare.

Industry Status of the SGNIO System

At the recent industry forum, the "China Medical Devices 2024 Innovation Star Banking" was unveiled, outlining the future landscape of medical device development. The list highlights 49 significant domestic innovative medical devices or platforms that have emerged over the past three years, showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches within the field. These products not only demonstrate advanced technology but also address clinical application needs, contributing to the high-quality development of the medical device industry.

SGNIO system has successfully been included in the innovation star list, signifying its innovation and practicality. This system has brought revolutionary progress to the field of emedical surgery, providing patients with safer and more efficient treatment options. With the further promotion and application of the SGNIO system, we have every reason to believe that Hanglok will make even greater contributions to the global healthcare industry.