The original intention of the association
H50 Young Outstanding Engineers and Scientists Association is a mass organization of interventional surgical robotics technology workers in China. It is an important force to promote the development of interventional surgical robot, benefit domestic cancer patients, drive the improvement of regional overall medical service level, and better serve the life and health of the people.
Purpose of the Association
  • To explore neck-trapping technology, transformative technology and common foundation of surgical robotics for future interventional diagnosis and treatment scenarios.
  • To introduce high-end interventional medicine talents to the Greater Bay Area.
  • Build the brand of medical robotics in Hengqin.
  • Pay attention and support the rights as well as welfare of members.
  • The Association is a non-profit organization.
Mission of the Association
  • 1
    First Mission
    Carry out academic exchanges, activate academic ideas, advocate academic democracy, optimize academic environment, and promote the development of interventional medicine.
  • 2
    Second Mission
    Attract, retain and develop talents in fields related to surgical robotics
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