Multi-loop Feedback Puncture Interventional
Surgical Control System
How SGNIO works?
Quality Intervention With SGNIO
Watch the video to learn how SGNIO treats more patients and improves surgical quality.

Discover how comprehensive perception and mixed reality intervention for on-site reconstruction are achieved by SGNIO through the integration of preoperative enhanced CT, intraoperative CT, intraoperative near-infrared optics, ultrasound, speech, force perception, and visual information.
Download the latest high-quality
intervention instructions for SGNIO
  • Composition of SGNIO system
  • SGNIO workflow
  • Marker usage scenario analysis
SGNIO Collaborates With Intervention Experts To Create
  • Model Experiment 1000+
  • Animal Experiments 34+
  • Research Ethics Experiment 12+
  • Model Experiment 70+
  • Type Inspection Report
  • Clinical Ethics Approval
High Intervention Efficiency and Accuracy of SGNIO
  • The penetration rate
    of a single puncture needle
  • First puncture time
  • Average number of adjustments
  • Hand eye separation during surgery
    Surgical Integration
  • Multi person collaborative surgery
    One Person + One Machine
Treating More Patients with Challenging Cases
The average time from CT scan to the first needle insertion is 13 minutes, with an accuracy of about 2.97mm...
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