AI Planning
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IPGM is a software platform, accessible from your planning laptop or workstation, that you can use to strategize your robotic-assisted needle-based intervention navigation before you enter the operation room. It uses a CT scan of the patient’s abdomen to generate 3D patients digital body containing liver, hepatic vessel and hepatic malignancies.

Once you import patient’s CT scans, SGNIO’s IPGM offers a simple user interface that allows you to complete your intervention plan in 10 minutes, and you can review and edit the plan as well.
Seamless DICOM Transmission
IPGM integrates PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), a secure digital archive for images and data. With the efficient image storage, retrieval, and transmission capabilities of PACS, IPGM provides a seamless experience from accessing CT scans to procedure planning.
image storage
transmission capabilities
AI-Powered CT Image work-station
Powered by deep learning models, IPGM has the capability to automatically segment liver, hepatic vessel and hepatic malignancies in CT images.

IPGM also provides a set of image labeling tools like LASSO, REGION-GROWING, THRESHO and so on. You can easily fine-tune the segmentation results inference by AI model, or start your own new segmentation project.
Multi-Dimensional Surgical Planning
IPGM, as a necessary planning soft-ware part of SGNIO, provides you a convenient way to not only obtain the needle-inserting target point and entry point, but also specify the landing area of ultrasound probe on SIEM. In this way, a clear ultrasound view is available during needle insertion.