Why hanglok?
Smart healthcare Betterlife
Hanglok is focused on developing a surgical robot platform and system that is as minimally intrusive as possible, offering foundational support for a range of surgical robots. Enhance the quality of life by raising medical standards.
Stimulating vitality Supporting growth
Hanglok offers demanding and significant job duties, an extensive system of vocational training and advancement, and flexible internal job transfers that open up new opportunities for you.
Welcome each special you
Every colleague can freely develop in accordance with their own aims in Hanglok's inclusive and free-thinking culture, and your voice will be given great consideration. Not only do you meet coworkers here, but you also grow with partners.
Welfare care is all around you
Every Hanglok employee's work will be observed.Your hard work will be rewarded with a comprehensive and individualized benefits package, a highly competitive pay and incentive program, and a cozy and technologically advanced office setting.
Talent introduction policy of
Hengqin New Area