Force perception
Near infrared optical positioning
Force measurement
Ultrasonic probe
Force measurement
SGNIO Piercing robot integrates a variety of advanced modern technologies.
The SIEM executive end integrates near-infrared optical positioning technology, real-time ultrasonic imaging and display technology, force sensing and haptic control technology, making the surgical process more accurate, intuitive, convenient and safe. In addition, the SIEM executive end is equipped with a more versatile chuck, enabling the robot to accommodate more types of puncture needles.
More accurate
Two-sided near-infrared optical ball positioning technology is adopted at the execution end of SIEM to realize 360° omnidirectional positioning and real-time sensing of the position and posture of the execution end, making the navigation and positioning of the puncture process more accurate.
More Intuitive
Integrated ultrasound probe and real-time touch screen at the end of SIEM execution enable doctors to observe the position of the needle tip in the body in real time at the end of execution, making the surgical process more intuitive.
More Convenient
SIEM implements the integrated forces-sensing control handle at the end, allowing doctors to easily control the arm of SGNIO piercing robot with only two fingers, making the adjustment of position and posture at the end more effort-saving and convenient.
More Safer
The integrated multi-dimensional force measurement display at the end of the SIEM execution can sense the contact force between the ultrasonic probe and the human body in real time. It can also sense the position of the ultrasonic probe between the ribs, and automatically adjust the position of the ultrasonic probe and the contact force with the human body. As a result, clarity of the ultrasonic imaging is ensured, oppression of the human organs is avoided, life safety of patients is guaranteed.
More adaptive
The executive end of SIEM is equipped with a variety of collets, which can be adapted to more types of puncture needles and has stronger adaptability.