SGNIP: Fully Chinese surgical navigation system solution
SGNIP is a macro micro composite navigation system based on encoded structured light and binocular depth vision technology.
High-precision and Real-time Composite Navigation System
Advanced visual sensing module redefines high-precision navigation.Today‘s SGNIP has redesigned state-of-the-art high-precision 3D point cloud sensing module and high real-time binocular sensing module.The system may provide a composite navigation system that achieves better precision and real-time performance than ever before, as well as calculate and analyze real-time tracking data from two modules.
Automatic Pin Insertion System
Efficacy and safety of the intervention.Several tests have demonstrated that SGNIP's automated needle insertion system considerably optimizes the peak force and displacement of the puncture needle as it penetrates the skin, guaranteeing the efficacy and safety of the injection. Based on an impedance admittance concept, the mechanical force sensing structure of SIET can achieve peak suppression of the piercing needle force at the needle's end.
Redefining what's possible
Our needle insertion strategy based on admittance impedance model optimizes the puncture
force of the needle tip by about 50%, greatly reducing bleeding and skin damage.
References Duan, B., Jia, B., Wang, C., Chen, S., Xu, J., & Teng, G.-J. (2023).
Puncture Force Optimization in Robot-Assisted Interventional Surgery using Admittance Control. Submitted to IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RAL).
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