SGNNM:manual intervention guidance system based on electromagnetic navigation
SGNNM is a manual intervention guidance system based on electromagnetic navigation, where doctors can observe the three-dimensional position of the puncture needle from the navigation software. The application of electromagnetic tracking technology and visual guidance technology enables real-time tracking of the position and posture of surgical tools, providing more accurate navigation information.
SGNNM Magnetic Field Generator
SGNNM is equipped with a magnetic field generator that provides outstanding tracking capabilities, guaranteeing that they are always guided to the treatment location precisely as intended. With a variety of mounting options, this adaptable field generator can be placed above or around the patient bed with ease and without obstructing the physical process.
Magnetic Field Generator with ICNM
The magnetic field generator combined with ICNM detects the position and posture of human hands and doctor's hand movements in spatial motion by observing the CT fusion perspective in navigation software. Map the position and posture of the doctor's hand movements to the SGNNM system for 3D reconstruction through algorithm analysis, and achieve localization and visualization based on patient imaging navigation.
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